Retreat in India

Centenary-Year-Logo_Sample2-e1525878476405Get your visa…. I’m excited to announce that in celebration of what would be BKS Iyengar’s 100th Birthday, I will be teaching a residential retreat in his birth village in Bellur, India from November 25-30.
You can register for the retreat here.

Guruji dedicated his savings to uplifting his home village in Southern India with clean water, a high school, meals for children, a college, a temple to Patanjali, a hospital and a beautiful yoga hall/retreat center. I will be donating my time and 100% of retreat proceeds will support the Bellur trust that Guruji established.

Plan a little extra time in India after the retreat to travel with me to Pune for a 10-day course taught by Geeta, Prashant, and Abhijata Iyengar in celebration of Guruji’s centenary year from December 3-12. This is a unique opportunity to study with these extraordinary teachers. The course will be followed by a 2-day celebration of Guruji’s 100th birth anniversary on December 13 & 14.

Contact Kishore: to make arrangements for transportation to Bellur from the Bangalore airport.




As our home quarantine has been extended, I will be offering another comprehensive yoga at home study program beginning 4/27. If you are not already on my mailing list, you can join below to receive updates.

In the meantime, I will be offering three live classes via Zoom this week. Register here for one, two or all three classes .

Tuesday 4pm PST: Beginner Level

Thursday 9am PST: Intermediate

Sunday 4pm PST: All Levels 



Online Yoga Classes

GLO_LOGO_[BLACK]_CMYKI hope you’ve enjoyed my classes on My content will only be available through the end of May. So if you haven’t yet had a chance to try the 90 classes that I’ve filmed for Glo, please do so now, before they disappear.

While some of my 60 and 90 minute classes are not accessible through the Glo search function, you can access them through the below links:

Anxiety Away, Intro to Urdhva Dhanurasana, Outer Hip Love, Tamas & Rajas, Involving the Abdomen, Release your back into twists, Prepare for Headstand, Pranayama: from Savasana to Sitting, Strong Arms & Stable Shoulders, Inversions for a balanced practice, Intermediate level Restorative & Pranayama, Make and Imprint into your Back Arches, Hip Joint Massage, Wring it out with twists, Spring opening, Garland yourself, Strong arms & stable shoulders, Sarvangasana Variations, Baby Backbends, Increase Knee Flexion, Akarna Dhanurasana