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Online Yoga Classes

by marla on March 12th, 2015

GLO_LOGO_[BLACK]_CMYKStudy with me online at Glo. You can find classes of varying durations: from 5 minute tutorials to 90 minute public classes. Videos include an introductory beginner series to learn the basics as well as plenty of classes of differing levels.


While some of my 60 and 90 minute classes are not accessible through the Glo search function, you can access them through the below links:


Anxiety Away, Intro to Urdhva Dhanurasana, Outer Hip Love, Tamas & Rajas, Involving the Abdomen, Release your back into twists, Prepare for Headstand, Pranayama: from Savasana to Sitting, Strong Arms & Stable Shoulders, Inversions for a balanced practice, Intermediate level Restorative & Pranayama, Make and Imprint into your Back Arches, Hip Joint Massage, Wring it out with twists, Spring opening, Garland yourself, Strong arms & stable shoulders, Sarvangasana Variations, Baby Backbends, Increase Knee Flexion, Akarna Dhanurasana


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